COVID Precautions

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Select Sitters is dedicated to keeping our families and sitters safe. We have many extra precautions in place. We are asking all sitters to submit a COVID-19 precaution survey in order to assess their risk to the general public. 


  • Wear a mask in public and follow all CDC guidelines. Sitters are also happy to wear a mask in your home upon request. We are asking our sitters to fill out a social distancing survey regarding their home and work life, and we relay that information to the family upon request. 

  • We DO have fully vaccinated babysitters available, but they tend to book up several weeks in advance. 

  • For on-demand babysitting requests, we are trying to keep sitters consistent. However, preferred or usual sitters may not be available for random or last-minute requests. Some of our on-demand babysitters are working for multiple families. 

  • If anyone, client or sitter, has presented any symptoms at any time, we have asked them to stay home and keep us informed as well as if anyone in their home has had any symptoms. 

  • We do ask that anyone that has been exposed to COVID provide results of a negative COVID test before receiving care. This test needs to be taken 3-5 days after exposure per CDC recommendations. We also would disclose to our sitters that the request is due to a COVID exposure and typically ask the sitter to wear a mask.