Job Openings

This list is not all inclusive. We make every effort to update it as often as possible, but sometimes we have open positions that are not posted on the website. Contact us for more information on open positions. 

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Fun-Loving Infant Nanny

Durham, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a responsible and active part-time infant nanny in Durham starting June 1st. Nanny would be caring for a 6 month old baby two days a week. Ideal nanny would be high energy, and very experienced with infants. The family values someone who is an open communicator and mature. Must be reliable and punctual and willing to engage with the baby while he is awake. The family does have a dog who may occasionally need to be let out in the backyard. The family is hoping for someone who is flexible as mom works two days a week. The schedule does vary week to week, however, she will provide schedule 6 weeks in advance. Nanny should have reliable transportation to and from work, and be active enough to take walks and maybe outings as their baby is older. Nanny must have been vaccinated in the past. Family is looking for a nanny to join their family June 1st, and hoping for a long-term fit. 


Ideal Nanny Would Have:


-5 years of professional experience

-Ample Infant Experience

-Excellent References

-CPR/First Aid Certification

-Fully Vaccinated

-Reliable transportation

-Clean criminal record

-Ability to commit long-term

Active and Flexible Nanny

Durham, NC

Select Sitters is seeking an active, loving, and patient nanny for a busy family in Durham starting in early April. The family has four children ages 11, 9, 7, and 4 and the majority of the responsibilities during the day will be for the 4 year old (once school is back in session). The children are independent and fun, however, they do need someone who is able to be consistent, patient, and interactive. During the summer, the older children do attend camps, but nanny should be comfortable with all four children at home as well. Ideal nanny has some experience or comfort with autism (one child is high functioning) as well as allergies. The family has asked that their nanny not bring nut products into their home. Ideal nanny would be creative and enjoy playing sports with the children, or taking them on outings. The family values conversations and consequences when their children act out, so please be consistent but loving and patient. 


Flexibility is key with the schedule as both parents have demanding careers. Mom has a heavy week followed by a light week, there may be some longer days one week, but the hours will average out at the end of the month to 40 hours weekly. The family will need someone available 7am-7pm typically, but there is the occasion when mom works a later shift 2pm-midnight or an occasional weekend. Family does have a vehicle for the nanny to utilize for transporting children, and will offer paid time off. The family is hoping for a long-term nanny, but will have all children in school come September so hours may be closer to 30 hours weekly at that time. 


Ideal Candidate Would Have:


-5-10 years of professional experience

-Excellent references

-Clean Driving Record and Criminal Record

-CPR/First Aid Certification

-Flexible and Patient

-Willing to practice social distancing during the current outbreak

-Willing to commit at least through September (strong preference for longer)

-Safe Driver

Professional and Interactive Nanny

Chapel Hill, NC

Select Sitters is seeking an engaging, passionate, and loving nanny for a family in Chapel Hill starting soon! They are looking for a mature professional who is experienced with hands on learning with toddlers and preschoolers. The family has two children ages 1 and almost 4 years old. Both children are happy and relatively easy going children who enjoy outdoors, outings to the park and library (once the sick season has passed), and enjoys reading. They have a strict no screen policy including that their nanny not be on her phone while she is working with the children. Parents would love a nanny who can come up with daily activities, crafts, and hands on learning especially for the almost 4 year old. He does go to morning preschool 3 days a week when school is in session. Ideal candidate would be proactive, energetic, and reliable. Both parents do work from home, and the nanny must be comfortable with the family dog in the house as well. Family does provide a vehicle for use for transporting the children, but must have a clean driving record. The family would love someone with a Bachelor’s degree and/or Spanish Speaking. Neither are a deal breaker, but a strong preference. The most important thing to this family is a nanny who genuinely adores children and playing with them.


Typical schedule would be Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm, and the family can be slightly flexible with those hours. They would prefer to offer 35 guaranteed hours weekly, but are willing to increase to 40 for the right match. Tidying up after the children would be the only real responsibility outside of excellent care for the children. Ideally they are looking for a nanny starting by April 1st with some flexibility, they want to find the right fit as their last nanny was with them for the last 3+ years. 


Ideal Candidates Would Have/Be:


-10+ years of professional childcare experience

-Excellent References

-Experience with toddlers and preschoolers

-CPR/First Aid certification

-Clean Driving Record

-Spanish Speaking

-Bachelor’s Degree

-Long-term Candidates

Organized and Dependable Nanny

Raleigh, NC 27614

Select Sitters is seeking a loving, honest, and dependable nanny for a family in Raleigh starting in April. The family has a 3 month old and a 3 year old, although majority of the care would be for the family’s infant as the older child is in daycare full time. Ideal nanny would enjoy cuddling, rocking, singing, and reading books to their little one. They would also love help with household duties such as laundry for the family, meal prep, errands, and ideally someone who is willing to help start dinners. Ideal candidate would be mature, nurturing, organized, and able to help stick to a schedule for the baby. 


Typical schedule would be Monday-Friday 8:15am-5:30pm and the family is hoping to start with a 9 month commitment. They may pursue daycare at that time. Ideal start date is early April as mom heads back to work April 13th. 


Ideal Candidate Would Have:


-5 years of childcare experience

-Experience with infants

-Excellent References

-CPR/First Aid certification


-Clean Criminal Record

-Willing to get Flu Shot

-Ability to commit at least 9 months

Flexible and Mature Live-In Nanny

Durham, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a reliable, responsible, and mature live-in nanny for a family in Durham starting in July-August time frame. Both parents have demanding schedules and will need help managing their work schedules and travel for work. Ideal nanny would be very flexible to work evenings and weekends as needed, and in exchange the family will make sure there is time off sometimes during the day and other times on the weekend. The nanny would be responsible for care of a 3 year old and 11 month old at start. Both children will likely continue with preschool and may not need care during the 8am-1pm time frame on those days. Family would prefer if their nanny is available for sick care or preschool work days/closures. Other responsibilities such as help with morning routine, dinner, bedtime and bath, and light housekeeping would also be requested. Ideal nanny would be mature, a safe driver, non-smoker, and interested in a live-in position.


Unfortunately the family is not able to provide set hours, but would be able to provide a schedule ahead of time which will include time off (sometimes during the week sometimes on the weekend). Family is willing to offer a room with a private bathroom and walk-in closet. Family will also pay a salary and paid time off. Family does have a dog. 


Ideal Nanny Would Have:


-5+ years of professional experience

-Excellent references

-CPR/First Aid certification


-Reliable Transportation and room for two car seats

-Professional Nanny Experience

-Long-Term Candidates (ideally they would love to have their nanny for 3 years)

-Willing to take on a live-in position

Mature and Experienced Weekend Nanny

Durham, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a nurturing, loving, and very experienced nanny for an infant in Durham starting mid-April. The nanny would be caring for an infant born in October, however, he was born premature and is adjusted age closer to 4 months at start date. The family is hoping for someone with a maternal presence as this is their first child and they only want the best possible care for them and peace of mind for themselves. They would prefer a mother who has raised children of her own. Family does have dogs who will be walked and fed by someone else, but does need to be a fan of big dogs and enjoy their company as they are in the home. Parents are hoping for a nanny who can help them establish some routines and schedules with their little one as his naps have been lacking. He likes knowing what’s going on and being alert, although he is a happy baby overall and sleeping well at night.


Typical schedule would be 6am-6pm Saturdays and Sundays, and the family is hoping for a commitment of 3 months. They are hoping dad’s schedule may change by that time. It would be a bonus if someone had a half day available sometime during the workweek, but not at all a deal breaker. Mom works on the weekends in the medical field. Family asks that nanny be a non-smoker, CPR/First Aid certified, and have up to date vaccines such as flu shot and TDAP since their baby is so small and still has a compromised immune system. 


Ideal Nanny Would Have/Be:


-7-10 years+ childcare experience

-At least 5-10 years of experience working with newborns

-Excellent References

-Nanny Experience strongly preferred

-Reliable transportation to and from the home (no driving required during work hours)

-Clean Criminal Record

-CPR/First Aid Certification

-Up to date on vaccines (flu shot/tdap)

-Mature, experienced, and reliable

Positive and Dependable Nanny

Chapel Hill, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a mature, loving, and reliable nanny for a family in Chapel Hill. Nanny would be responsible for care of a social and sweet 18 month old to start, and his little sibling who is due in August. Ideal candidate would be engaging and interactive and enjoy hands on play and learning. Nanny should be comfortable with infant care and balancing two children in the fall. The oldest may attend half day preschool in the fall as well. Family is open to a nanny who enjoys outings and would be happy to have the nanny take the children to parks and museums. Nanny should have a vehicle and ability to put two car seats in their car. Family does have a dog, so nanny should be comfortable with a well behaved dog and letting the dog outside. 

Typical schedule would be Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30am-5pm with some fluctuation to stay later or come in later as schedules change a bit here and there. They may need 6pm end time once a week. It is very important that their nanny is punctual, reliable, and responsible as both parents are physicians. They would love a nanny who has worked with physicians previously, and someone with a degree or early childhood background would be amazing. Neither are deal breakers for the right fit. The family is hoping to employ their nanny for several years to come. They are flexible with start date between now and August. 

Ideal Nanny Would Have/Be:

-5+ years of professional childcare experience

-Experience with infants and toddlers (prefer someone who has worked with 2 children close in age)

-Excellent References

-CPR/First Aid Certification

-Up to date on vaccinations (flu shot/tdap)

-Reliable vehicle + clean driving record

-Clean Criminal Record

-Ability to commit long-term

Patient and Kind Infant Nanny

Chapel Hill, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a patient, loving, and experienced infant nanny for a family in Chapel Hill starting in August. The nanny would be responsible for snuggling a 6 week old baby at the start. Ideal candidate would be very experienced with infants either in a childcare setting or nanny setting, and the family prefers someone with long-term experience. They are hoping for a long-term new member of the family to join them. Ideal candidate would be interested in infant growth and development and helpful as they are new parents who want the best for their new little bundle. Ideal nanny would be comfortable with staying home for the first few months as baby grows, and they will consider outings once baby is older and immune system is more developed. 

Typical schedule would be 6:30am-6pm Monday-Thursday and shorter days on Fridays likely 9am-3pm or shorter depending on the week. Dad travels often and mom is a physician so must be flexible on the longer days. The family will also utilize a sitter for anything beyond 6pm. Family does not have any pets. Start date, mid-late August. Family is willing to offer a competitive salary, paid time off, and health care stipend. 

Ideal Candidate Would Have/Be:

-5-10 years of childcare experience

-Ample Infant Experience

-CPR/First Aid certification 

-Up to date on vaccinations flu shot/tdap

-Reliable transportation to and from home

-Clean Criminal Record


-Trustworthy, safety oriented, and very reliable/punctual

-Long-Term Candidates

Athletic and Fun Summer Nanny

Clayton, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a fun, engaging, and active summer nanny for two sports-loving boys in Clayton. The family has a 6 year old and 5 year old so the nanny should be able to help set appropriate boundaries when the boys argue or fight. Nanny should enjoy swimming and be comfortable getting in the water with the boys, take them on outings, and play sports with them. Ideal nanny would also be able to promote some structure for short periods of time while the boys brush up on reading, writing, or other educational activities. Nanny should be comfortable with preparing breakfast and lunch and able to help with light meal prep for those meals. Must be able to accommodate two car seats in the nanny’s car. Mom does work from home and is usually super busy, but nanny should be comfortable and able to help keep the boys busy so she can focus.


Typical schedule would be Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. The family does plan to go out of town around July 4th week and possibly one or two other weeks during the summer. Nanny should be available mid-June through August when Johnston County Schools begin (there is a little flexibility with this if needed for the right fit). The family would welcome a male or female nanny!


Ideal Nanny Would Have/Be:


-3-5 years of childcare experience

-Excellent References

-CPR/fFirst Aid Certification

-Reliable Transportation and clean driving record

-A good swimmer

-Energetic, Active, Enjoy Sports/Outdoors

-Be available for the majority of the summer 

Adventurous Summer Nanny

Wake Forest, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a full-time summer nanny for a family in Wake Forest. The nanny will care for one 6 year-old child Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. This temporary summer position will be from mid June - late August. The ideal nanny will be energetic and fun-loving. Someone who can bring some structure to a summer day; including trips to the museum, park, playing legos, reading and keeping the child engaged. The nanny should be honest, dependable and safety oriented.

The family is willing to offer gas reimbursement for a candidate who may live in Raleigh or further away from Wake Forest, and they are guaranteeing 35 hours/week.


3+ years of childcare experience

Excellent references including most recent employer

Impeccable driving record and clean criminal background

Safe and reliable transportation

CPR/First Aid certification up to date or willing to get certified

Creative, playful, energetic, responsible personality

Good judgment, safe driver, dependable

Prompt and Professional Nanny

Cary, NC

Select Sitters is seeking a proactive, loving, and patient nanny for a family in Cary starting in mid/late June. This dual physician family is looking for a reliable, experienced nanny who can help keep their lives in order while they are at work. Nanny will be responsible for a new baby due in April full time, and older brother who is currently 2.5 years old part-time as he will be in preschool half days or 2-3 longer days during the week. Ideal nanny would be engaging with the older child and willing to play and be active with him.  As well as, experienced with infants and able to keep the baby on a schedule. 

Additional duties such as laundry, unloading/loading dishwasher, picking up toys, general tidying of the kids toys/rooms, prepare lunch/snacks for oldest and bottles for baby. Family would love someone who is conscious of their busy lives and able to pitch in where needed when there is down time during naps/preschool for oldest. Nanny must be willing to take care of sick kiddos occasionally and very reliable--the parents have demanding jobs and missing work is difficult for them. Will require driving to and from preschool for oldest and to activities after baby is old enough to be around other children/play dates/classes. 

Typical hours would be Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm at longest days, but will likely most days be starting a bit later and ending earlier. Nanny should be flexible to work 7:30am-5:30pm at least a couple of days each week. Family will offer 40 guaranteed hours, paid time off, and paid holidays. 

Ideal Nanny Would Have:

-3-5 years of professional nanny experience

-Would prefer 5-10 years minimum childcare experience/nanny experience is required! 

-Excellent References

-CPR/First Aid Certification

-Reliable transportation and room for car seats

-Clean driving record and criminal record

-Willing to get flu shot/TDAP shot as applicable. Up to date on vaccines

-Infant experience required! 

-At least 1+ year commitment



On-Call Sitters

Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding

Select Sitters is seeking flexible, experienced, and reliable ON-CALL Babysitters in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Sitters would be responsible for helping with last minute childcare needs of our clients including: sick care for children with mild illnesses, fill in care for sick/unavailable nannies, and backup care for last minute call outs.

Schedule is flexible, but must have at minimum 2-3 full days available per week, and ideally someone with 5+ days a week available is ideal. Hours can fluctuate from 7am-7pm, however, some flexibility is typically available and not all of those hours will be needed.

Ideal candidates will be fun, energetic, and willing to take care of sick children. Must have experience working with infants to elementary aged children, and be willing to occasionally provide transportation in your vehicle. Must be great with parents and have an outgoing personality. Most jobs would be scheduled the day prior to the request, however, occasionally same-day requests may be made.


Our goal is to work with babysitters and nannies who are interactive, engaging, energetic, and passionate about children.

All babysitters and nannies must have at least 3 years of childcare experience outside of family members, reliable transportation, CPR and First Aid certification (or be willing to obtain certifications) and a clean driving record and background check. Must be 18 or older and a high school graduate.

Daytime Nannies:

Morrisville/North Raleigh, NC

Select Sitters is looking to place nannies for several families in the Morrisville and North Raleigh areas. Nanny would be responsible for children between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm. This position would require some on demand work meaning that schedule will vary each week and flexibility is a must. Nanny should have experience with infants and toddlers.

All nannies must have at least 3  years of childcare experience (must be outside of family members), previous nanny experience preferred, 3 references, reliable transportation, must be at least 18 years of age, CPR/First Aid certification (or willing to obtain before start date), and have a clean driving record and background check.

After School Nannies:

Raleigh, NC

Select Sitters is looking for after school nannies for many families in the Raleigh area including Apex, Cary, and Durham. We are looking for nannies with afternoon availability either some days each week or Monday-Friday. Ages vary by family and would be matched based on experience. Nanny must feel comfortable dropping off and picking up from school. Mileage would be added to pay. 

All sitters must have at least 3  years of childcare experience (must be outside of family members), 3 references, reliable transportation, must be at least 18 years of age, CPR/First Aid certification (or willing to obtain within 30 days), and have a clean driving record and background check.. 

Temporary Nannies, Occasional Babysitters, and Part-Time Nannies:

Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, Knightdale, Zebulon, and Clayton NC

Select Sitters is looking for a few exceptional nannies, babysitters, and part-time nannies to join our growing team in the Triangle. We are looking for sitters with a flexible schedule to fill lots of requests for date nights, appointments, temporary substitute nanny positions, part-time permanent positions, and meetings, and everything in between. We do lots of evening and weekend babysitting as well as occasional days or full weeks here and there for families who only need occasional or temporary babysitting. 


All sitters must have at least 3  years of childcare experience (must be outside of family members), 3 references, reliable transportation, must be at least 18 years of age, CPR/First Aid certification (or willing to obtain within 30 days), and have a clean driving record and background check.

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