Part-Time Nanny Information

Select Sitters is happy to provide part-time nannies for families needing consistent help. From one day a week for a few hours, to consistent set hours each week. We have two different options for families who need a part-time nanny. 

Recurring Babysitter


Select Sitters provides recurring babysitters for families who need scheduled babysitting on a regular basis. Our goal is consistency for you and your children. Using Select Sitters as your provider means that we will strive to find as few individuals as possible to cover your requested days/times. We do not make any guarantees about length of time your sitter or sitters can work with you. It is easier to have one set sitter recurring when you have set days/hours. 


The hourly rate will fluctuate based on your needs with the minimum being at the hourly rate listed under our rates page. Select Sitters will work with each family to determine a rate that will provide them with the most qualified sitter(s) based on the job description and expectations. Select Sitters is responsible for providing a backup nanny or agreeable solution in the case of sickness or scheduled vacations. We do need as much notice as possible to offer a solution that will meet your needs exactly, but will always make every effort to provide a solution that works for both the family and available backup sitters. 

In this option, we may need to replace your nanny in the case of a schedule change. We usually do not recommend this option for long term, unless a family understands there will be some turnover, but we will have replacement options as the need arises. Select Sitters does not guarantee recurring sitters. Recurring sitters are only available to active members. 

Part-Time Nanny Placement


Select Sitters provides part-time nanny placement for families who need scheduled babysitting on a regular basis. Nanny placement means that we partner with you in screening and finding nanny options that would be a good fit for your family based on your criteria. Each candidate is screened and personalized for your family. 

Once your family determines which nanny would be a good fit, you would sign a contract personalized by you, pay a placement fee, and the nanny would work directly for you. 


In this option, your nanny would be paid by you. You set your hourly rate, and will have a contract with your nanny detailing the rate, length of contract, and any benefits offered.  We are happy to provide more information on the typical hourly rates and what you can expect from a nanny with your set rate. We do also have sample contracts for you to review.

In this option we do provide a 30 day guarantee. We will replace your nanny for any reason during the first 30 days. We are also happy to provide a fill in sitter for any sick days your nanny may have, but you would have to contact us directly as your nanny does not report to the agency. 

We consider any nanny working 20 hours or less weekly as a part-time nanny.