Triangle Babysitting Rates

Upon requesting in our Sitter Pro app, you will be given an estimate of the charges prior to booking. This will be adjusted based on the actual times worked by the sitter.

2022 Hourly Rates

With more than 24 hour notice

1-2 Children

3 Children

4 Children

5 children+/events/group babysitting

Sick Care

Last Minute Care 

Premium Sitter (see below for qualifications)

Overnight Rates

Two families sharing a sitter

Holiday rates

Delayed payment

$23 per hour

$25 per hour

$27 per hour

Contact Us For Pricing

Add $3 per hour to applicable rate

Add $2 per hour to applicable rate

Add $5 per hour

$225 12-hours/$425 24-hours


Add $5 an hour


Add $5 per hour

See more information under terms and conditions section 23 

*There is a 2 hour minimum on all requests

To see more details about qualifications visit our babysitting page

 *Families are only billed for premium rates if a premium sitter is specifically requested.

*Holiday rates apply to Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter, Black Friday, New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas. 

Looking for Nanny Placement Rates? Check here. 

*Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are no longer offering renewal or new memberships

*Rates are subject to change at any time, and notice will be given via email. Select Sitters will give at minimum 30 days notice on rate changes for members. Typical rate increases happen at beginning of the calendar year. We strive to stay competitive and affordable!