Audrey L.

About me: Hey! My name is Audrey, and I am a business major at UNCW! I have lots of experience with babysitting, and was also a lifeguard in high school. I like to think of myself as outgoing and silly, and I hope I have the chance to connect with your child! I have experience with children ranging in age from 5 months to 12 years old. 


Favorite babysitting activity: It's a tie between arts and crafts or playing outside! I love to do anything from taking walks to playing with chalk in the driveway!


Favorite Disney movie: It has always been the Little Mermaid! She has inspired me to chase after things that seem impossible!


About Me: Hi! My name is Autumn currently attend University of North Carolina Wilmington. This year will be my sophomore year and I am planning on majoring in English Language as well as International Studies. I have 3 younger brothers ages 15, 7 and 8 and have experience from helping out with them as well as my neighborhood families, I have also worked for a babysitting company like Select Sitters in my hometown so I have had great experiences with children of all ages. I love spending time with children and learning unique characteristics of every child. Outside of school I enjoy going to the beach and surfing. 


Favorite Babysitting Activities: Arts and crafts, dance parties, and playing board games


Favorite Disney Movie: Moana 


About me : My name is Daylon and I was born and raised in Wilmington. I lived in Spain for 6 months with a host family while attending UNCW where I graduated from in 2017. I will soon be pursuing my second degree in nursing! I have been babysitting for 9 years in the Wilmington area. I have cared for newborns up to teenagers. I


Favorite Babysitting Actives : I love outdoor activities and arts and crafts. Anything to engage with the child and get their minds thinking!  The activities I enjoy doing with them vary depending on their age but all of them include having fun!


My favorite Disney Movie : Tarzan and The Little Mermaid!


I have many years of experience working with children. I have been a nanny and baysat for many families, as well as worked with children at camps, 4H programs, the boys and Girls Club, the YMCA as well as other recreational settings. I have a masters degree in Leisure Education and I am Red Cross certified in cpr/first aid, lifeguarding,
and water safety. I am experienced with newborns twins, asthma, diabetes, autism, and I know
how to use an Epipen. Currently in Wilmington I am the Country Club of Landfalls head swim coach, and I teach
swimming lessons to infants to adults. I am also the pool coordinator and manage a staff of 12
lifeguards, swim instructors and coaches. I am very creative, organized, fun and active.


Favorite Babysitting Activities: When I am with children I like to play games, sports, go on adventures, go to the beach, swim, make crafts, color, read and encourage them to use their imagination. I enjoy creative play and being
outside. My personality seems to connect with children because I am fun and laid back enough
for them to explore their surroundings but also responsible enough to set boundaries and make
them feel safe.

Favorite Disney Movie: Moana


About Me: Hi, my name is Jess and and I am looking forward to working with some amazing families! I grew up an Army Brat, born in Germany to Massachusetts parents (go Patriots!) and also lived in Virginia and North Carolina. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I currently live in Wilmington NC with my two great dogs! My background started with my first job lifeguarding and counseling at a sleep-away summer camp. That experience lasted for four summers and I loved every minute of it. This past summer I was given the opportunity to revisit my summer camp roots working with the Boiling Spring Lakes Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp and had a blast working with so many great kids all summer. 


Favorite babysitting activities: anything outside, and hands on. I love activities that give kids a chance to figure something out.


Favorite Disney movie: The Lion King 


About me : Hello!  My name is LaVonda. Thank you for considering me to take care of your children.  I have lived in North Carolina my entire life.  I started out in the mountains, Asheville and then moved to Chapel Hill / Raleigh where I attended college and met my soulmate.   My husband and I moved to Wilmington 8 years ago and absolutely love it.  I am a proud mom of one who just finished getting her Engineering degree. I studied English and Education in college.  While I did not receive a teaching degree I found myself teaching in the preschool area. I've learned a lot as a teacher.  Our main  focus was learning through play.  So while playing with your children or child I will incorporate what I've learned to help them learn.  I absolutely love children.  I am experienced in infant through Pre K with an emphasis on PreK. 


My favorite babysitting activities: Artss and crafts, reading books asking questions as we go. I also like to explore space with children and dinosaurs are always a big hit.  It is also fun to actually go out and find cool books at the library or visit the aquarium, or simply take a nature walk. 


My favorite Disney movie :Lion King.  I really like the music and the coming of age theme.  

Maddie C.

About me: Hello everyone! My name is Maddie! I have been nannying for about 8 years now and have been a summer camp counselor for three summers. I just recently graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a bachelor of arts degree in Recreation Therapy. Recreation therapy is a form of therapy that uses recreation to improve the social, behavioral, physical, and emotional aspects for an individual. Whether that individual has an intellectual disability or a terminal disease, recreation therapy can be used to improve their overall quality of life. I am currently working with the Town of Leland part time as a Recreation Specialist. I live a very healthy and active lifestyle, and I would rather be outside at the beach than anywhere else. This is one of the reasons why I love living in Wilmington! 


Favorite babysitting activities: Spending time outside at the pool or beach, biking, reading, playing board games, and making healthy meals! 


Favorite Disney movie: THE LION KING!!! I saw the musical on Broadway in NYC and cried three times. It is my all time favorite movie!


About me: Hello! My name is Mary, and I am a senior at UNCW studying Clinical Research! I have worked with a wide age range of kids and personalities. Throughout high school I was a math tutor, gymnastics instructor, and camp counselor. I have been a member of the UNCW dance team for 4 years, so you could say I love to dance! When not focusing on my studies, (and when weather permits) I love being outdoors! I would consider myself to be outgoing, friendly and reliable! I look forward to meeting you and your children!


Favorite babysitting activities: I love actives that bring us outdoors including going on walks, bike rides, obstacles courses and even jumping on the trampoline! I also love spending my time working on arts and crafts. I can also help children with homework in any subject if needed!

Favorite Disney movie: The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King… They are all wonderful! 


About myself: I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, majoring in psychology and minoring in criminology. I have been babysitting for about 4 years. I enjoy walking my dog, swimming, and spending time at the beach. My favorite band is The Beatles. 


Favorite babysitting activities: playing outside, board games, creative games (freeze dance, red light green light, etc.) 


Favorite Disney movie: The Lion King and Toy Story 


About me: My name is Nicole! I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I plan to major in chemistry with a focus on pharmaceuticals. I have been employed at a drop-in daycare center for the past two years, and have volunteered at my church's nursery since I was 15. I have experience caring for kids aged infant to 13 years. I love reading and going to the beach, and would describe myself as being very outgoing, flexible and patient! I absolutely love spending time with kids and all the crazy adventures that comes with it!

Favorite babysitting activities: Outdoor activities, reading books, arts and crafts. I mold my activities to whatever the child I am babysitting enjoys doing! 


Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo 

Olivia N.

About me: HI! my name is Olivia and I have been in childcare for as long as I can remember. I first started babysitting when I was 12 years old and I knew I loved watching children. I started out at a daycare where I was a floater and helped between classes that ranged from infants to early preschool. I absolutely loved it but unfortunately, it was seasonal so I had to find somewhere else. Luckily I found a preschool that was the perfect fit for me and I was a summer school-age teacher assistant. This was such a fun job over the summer because we would go on field trips every day! After the summer ended I was placed in the three-year-old classroom where I was an assistant and helped lead the classroom. This was also such an amazing job that I enjoyed a lot but a couple of months later I had to move to go to school. I love going to the beach and taking my dog for walks, movie nights and just hanging out with friends when I am not doing school work.

Favorite babysitting activity: Playing outside and going on walks!

Favorite Disney movie: Frozen

Rachel F.

About Me: Hello families! My name is Rachel and I was born & raised here in North Carolina! I am at junior at UNCW, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Forensic science! I have over 8 years of childcare experience, from newborns to teens. I love DIY projects and all types of arts & crafts. I am a board game connoisseur, a huge animal lover and I absolutely love to cook & bake! I have worked in my church nursery for years, been a camp counselor and also do baking events sometimes on the weekends. True crime documentaries are a love of mine, along with the cooking channel!

Favorite Babysitting Activities: If I get the amazing opportunity to watch your children, I would love to be able to do crafts with them, teach them to bake, play board games with them and/or just play outside!

Favorite Disney Movies: Toy Story, The Lion King and of course Monsters, Inc.

*Sarah P.

About me: I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology at UNCW, and am currently working toward my Master's of Social Work. My expected graduation date is May 2021 as I am in the part time program through UNCW. I am also a teacher at a local middle school. This is my second year teaching middle school, and my third year teaching. I previously was a lead two year old preschool teacher for a year. I have 10 years of experience with children between teaching and nannying for numerous families with children ranging a few weeks old to 15 years old. 


Favorite babysitting activities: I enjoy arts & crafts, reading books, card games or board games, going on walks or anything outside.


Favorite Disney movie: Pocahontas!


About me : Hi families! I am so excited to be a part of your children's lives. I am originally from the Chapel Hill area, but am now in Wilmington for college. I am currently a sophomore at UNCW and planning to major in either Nursing or Business. For the past three summers, I worked at an inclusion summer camp as a General Counselor and Art Specialist. I have seven years of taekwondo experience, in which time I earned my second degree black belt, helped lead the demonstration team, and worked as a taekwondo instructor to children ages three and up. I have additional childcare experience from working and helping my art teacher mom in her classroom with her everyday classes and summer art camps. In my spare time, I love going to the beach, doing art, having picnics, and going to dance exercise classes with my friends.


Favorite babysitting activities : Arts and crafts, reading books, dancing, and playing games.

Favorite Disney movie : Moana.

More Coming Soon.....

We are adding lots of new sitters to our team in the Wilmington Area. Check back often for more sitter profiles! 

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