Frequently Asked Questions

For Nannies and Babysitters

Questions? We've Got Answers!

For nannies and babysitters, what are the benefits of using an agency like Select Sitters?

Select Sitters has proven to be a tremendously helpful resource for caregivers. We work hard to get to know both our client families and nannies in an effort to make the best possible placements. As nannies are looking for consistent work and families are looking for stable (often long term) childcare, we want each placement to be a great fit. Select Sitters offers additional babysitting opportunities (through our network of local families) for nannies who are looking to supplement the hours provided by their primary nanny position. We work with our client families to provide a back-up sitter if time off is needed, so the responsibility of finding stand in care doesn't fall on the nanny. Babysitters who want to work part-time or on their own free time are able to set a schedule, and since we work with a network of families we are able to find you jobs that work with your schedule. Once you are a part of the Select Sitters team, we are happy to assist with finding CPR recertification courses, continuing education and certifications related to childcare, determining rates and negotiating contracts with families and much more!

Can I plan to regularly bring my own child along with me for work?

For several reasons, including liability, Select Sitter does NOT typically place nannies who need to bring their children along. From time to time, a family will specify that they would welcome a nanny who plans to also bring her child, and in that case, we would happily consider qualified candidates. Please note this on your application so that we can contact you should a need arise for this type of situation. Babysitters working with the agency are not able to bring along another child with them to a position.

How long does the process generally take from application to placement?

This time frame varies depending on a number of factors: interview scheduling, how responsive references are, details of current open positions, etc. Most nannies are through the screening process within 3 days-2 weeks.

Do nannies and babysitters pay a fee to Select Sitters?

No. Nannies and babysitters only need to take the steps to apply, interview, provide screening information, and meet with potential families. For those who meet Select Sitters criteria, we provide support in the search for positions at no charge. We do require CPR and First Aid certification to be up to date for all babysitters and nannies. If your certification is not up to date you would be responsible for obtaining this at your own expense.

Do I need to be CPR and First Aid Certified?

Yes. Select Sitters babysitters and nannies are required to be CPR and First Aid Certified. If you are not currently certified, or need recertification, we still encourage you to apply. Certification must be obtained BEFORE your start date. Please contact us for a list of local courses if needed.

What types of positions are offered?

We offer essentially two types of positions: 1. Babysitters/Part-Time Nannies through Select Sitters--In this option the sitter/nanny works with Select Sitters as a contractor. This means that they are able to set their own schedule and determine which jobs work for them. Should they be interested in a reoccuring job they must notify the Select Sitters team if they are unable to work on a particular day. We do have families looking for short term and long term care. We would work with you on finding the right position from flexible/occasional babysitting to reoccuring weekly babysitting. 2. Nanny Placement--In this option Select Sitters is responsible for finding, screening, and qualifying nannies for a family. We do personalize the search for each family. They give us their ideal nanny profile, and we seek to find the best match for them. After you have been interviewed and screened by the agency you would then be able to meet with families who are a good match for your experience and qualifications. If the family should decide you are the right match for them we would assist the family in creating a nanny agreement and offer. We do assist nannies and families with negotiating the contract if needed. Once the nanny and family are in agreement and the agreement is signed, we also give the family and nanny a 90 trial period. The family is responsible for paying the nanny, taxes, and determining hourly rate.