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Select Sitters LLC Terms & Conditions

  1. Babysitting Services: Select Sitters currently offers babysitting services in the following categories.

    1. Backup Care for Nanny Placement Clients

    2. Fill-in Care for school track outs or closures

    3. Date Night Subscription Service for sitter coverage evenings after 5 pm and weekend care.

    4. Overnight Care

  2. Backup/Fill-In Care: Backup care will be offered through a platform called EngineHire and is available for those who have well children (no sick care is provided at this time) and need coverage for their nanny while out or a consistent need for fill-in care during a school break. 

    1. The family will pay the agency a $30 referral fee per date requested and must have an active form of payment on file to confirm a sitter.

    2. The family will pay the appropriate sitter hourly rate directly at the end of each day or the end of the week (only if prearranged with the sitter/agency directly ahead of time).

    3. Hourly rates paid to the sitter for backup/fill-in care are as follows:

      1. $20 per hour for 1-2 children

      2. $22 per hour for 3 children

      3. $24 per hour for 4 children

      4. $26 per hour for 5 children

      5. Add $2 per hour if the request is made with less than 24-hour notice

    4. The family will also reimburse the sitter for mileage at the current IRS rate if driving the children is required. 

  3. Date Night Subscription: Select Sitters offers a date night option for families who request after 5 pm weekdays or on weekends regularly called the Sitter of the Month Club. 

    1. The family will receive 2 sitter recommendations per month if requested. This is applicable for two additional sitter recommendations each month in the case that previously hired sitters are not available. 

    2. The family will keep an active form of payment on file and will pay $50 per month billed on the first business day of each month for this service. This includes the continual vetting and screening of candidates for your family as well as our team keeping accurate records on background checks and certifications.

    3. The family must cancel the subscription with at least a 1 week's notice to be removed from the subscription service for the following month. Families can pause their subscription with 1 week’s notice and begin their subscription again at any time.

    4. The family must edit the agency-provided basic contract and sign with their sitter before scheduling dates. This ensures that the sitter has a written agreement regarding pay, methods, and expectations. 

    5. The family may schedule a video/phone interview or in-person trial day with sitter options if preferred. 

  4. Overnight Care: Select Sitters does provide overnight care through the same platform as backup care. The family will be billed a referral fee of $50 per overnight request. The family must pay the sitter directly at the agreed-upon rates provided by the agency. All sitters providing overnight care must also be provided with a place to sleep and car seats for children in case of emergency. Contact us for a specific quote for overnight care.

  5. Cancellation Fees: Select Sitters requires a minimum of 12-hour notice for any cancellation of a previously scheduled appointment without a cancellation fee. Once the appointment is confirmed the cancellation fee does apply. If given less than 12-hour notice for a cancellation, then you will be charged the $30 referral fee regardless. In the case that the sitter shows up for a scheduled appointment and is asked to leave before the scheduled end time, the client will owe payment for 50% of the time or the 2-hour minimum, whichever is greater. 

  6. Status of Babysitters & CPR/First Aid Certifications: All babysitters and nannies referred to you are acting as independent babysitters and are working as individual childcare providers and not employees of the company. They are liable for their own actions and are not acting as agents of the company. Sitters are required to obtain their CPR and First Aid certifications before their first babysitting job, and keep this up to date as it expires. 

  7. Payment Terms: Select Sitters requires that every client keep a current credit card on file. Babysitters will not be provided or scheduled without an active credit card on file. Should the card on file no longer allow for autoprocessing payments, the account will be made inactive and no requests can be made until the card is up to date. 

  8. Late Fee: There is a $25 late fee for all past due services fees of more than 15 days past due. In the event that a payment is past due a reminder will be sent first via email, and lastly via text or phone call. Upon 15 days late, a $25 late fee will be added to the total due. If the charge is more than 30 days past due an additional $25 late fee will be added. Select Sitters will submit delinquent charges more than 45 days past due to a collections agency. Clients with past-due charges will not be allowed to request sitters until all unpaid invoices are paid. 

  9. Nanny Placements: Select Sitters offers several different package options to meet a variety of different needs including part-time, temporary, and full-time nannies. Select Sitters will place a nanny with your family whom you will employ at your own hourly rate to be discussed upon hire. The client must have a written agreement and offer submitted to the agency and signed by the nanny and client before communicating directly with the nanny. Any hours worked prior to paying the placement fee, outside of the trial days outlined in the package selected, will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate. There is a non-refundable application fee for all nanny placements. This is a fee for our time and effort as we spend significant time and money dedicated to finding, screening, and selecting nannies for each family. The appropriate nanny placement fee will be charged once the nanny agreement is signed by both parties. This fee is non-refundable. Select Sitters does offer a replacement guarantee which differs depending on your selected package and will replace your nanny for any reason during that time for no additional fee. Select Sitters does provide a full detailed placement agreement to be signed by all nanny placement clients before beginning the search.  

  10. Right to Refuse Service: Select Sitters reserves the right to refuse service to current or prospective clients for any reason. Select Sitters will communicate with the family if it is deemed necessary to suspend services. Select Sitters does not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, disability, or religious beliefs. 

  11. Change in Rates: Select Sitters reserves the right to increase referral and placement rates at any time and will communicate any changes as far in advance as possible via email and by updating our website rates pages. 

  12. Revision of Policies: Select Sitters reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time.

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