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Local Matchmaking Experts On Your Side

Our team has decades of experience in recruiting and vetting. We take time to listen to your needs and match candidates who will fit well into your family. From Part-Time and Full-Time Nannies to Household Managers, Newborn Care Specialists, and Temporary/Summer Nannies, we provide staffing for all your family needs!

You Don't Have to Choose Between What's Easy and What's Best!

Looking for a nanny without the help of a highly ranked and trusted placement agency is time-consuming and difficult on top of all that you are juggling. We make it easy to review our top choices of fully vetted candidates so that you can focus on who best matches your family!

Why Choose Us?

Quality over Quantity

We know you are busy and your time is limited. We strive to maximize your time by filtering out candidates who are unqualified or do not match up with your expectations. We hand-pick nannies for you after creating a detailed profile for your family so that you can focus on getting to know a few candidates and make a faster hire. 


Our recommendations go beyond availability and interest, we believe in truly diving into what personality traits will best work with your family. We create a customized list for each position that our team works through before sharing a resume so that we can ensure you are reviewing candidates who have specific experience with the age of your child(ren), the professional experience you are looking for, and those who align with your parenting style and family values. We believe this creates a lasting bond between nanny and family, which in turn, results in retention. 

Rigorous Screening

There is nothing more precious than your children! We take our screening process seriously. As a mom-owned business, you can trust that we have fully screened and considered all facets of a candidate's background before they are recommended to your family so there are no surprises later. We conduct lengthy interviews, reference checks, employment verification, criminal background checks, sex offender registry checks, name and social security number verification, as well as driving record checks as part of our screening process. 

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A Simple Process

Step 1: Apply Online

There is no application fee at the time of application. This allows our team to review your needs and the opportunity to discuss your needs in the consultation before paying the application fee.

Step 2: Consultation

A consultation allows you to meet with our "matchmaking" pro. She will listen to your needs and preferences, answer your questions, and give you an overview of what you can expect as you embark on this journey. An application fee is due after the consultation to continue the process.

Step 3: Meet Your Matches

We will share fully screened candidates for you to review. We will schedule and coordinate the interviews for you and provide suggested interview questions. 

Step 4: Seal the Deal

We will walk you through each and every step of the hiring process. From our sample offer letter and contract, to a second consultation to discuss your customized contract that matches your family's needs precisely. We also help with negotiating and act as a mediator with the nanny to ensure clear communication and expectations are set up. We will even set up the contract for e-signatures.

Step 5: Resources and Support

Your nanny is hired and ready to begin! We are here to help educate you on how to properly employ a nanny. We can also refer you to our payroll partner that will fully set you up and handle payroll for you. All placements come with a replacement guarantee so that you have time to make sure your nanny is settling in as expected with your family. We also offer backup care if your nanny needs to be out for an illness or a scheduled vacation.

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